Dark Tower

I’m one of those extreme fans of the Dark Tower series. Stephen King’s Sci Fi and epic 8 book series of a gunslinger and his Dark Tower journey.

I’ve read them dozens of times. It’s the only book series I have ever read multiple times and still absolutely love.

I remember the first book I owned that my dad gave me for Christmas. I got Regulators while my sister got the matching book, Desperation. It was the first book of Stephen King’s I ever owned. Every time dad would get a Stephen King book I’d sneak it off to read it before he could finish it himself.

It’s because of Stephen King I write. More so, it’s because of the Dark Tower I write. Writing is MY Dark Tower journey. All things serve the beam right.

The Dark Tower series, to me, is a metaphor for the journey we all take in life. How the lessons in life repeat themselves until we learn them fully. It’s why we make mistakes as human beings, because mistakes we don’t learn from keep repeating until we do.

To my fellow Dark Tower junkies:

Go then, there are other worlds than these!


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