One Drive aka Sky Drive

What a piece of crap cloud service…thanks to microshit…er I mean Microsoft stuffing this crap service aka ghost program down consumer throats people have had problems with corruption of their computers, including operating system files, synced files and even driver files.

If, we the consumer, wanted your stupid self admitted corrupting cloud service (oh yes, microshit admitted to their software corrupting files) we’d download the piece of shit…actually, we wouldn’t, we’d use your competitors service.

You suck Microsoft. You lost your monopoly long ago, stop trying to cling to a dead dream of being number one and owning the software world. You don’t …not anymore.

Windows 10? Free upgrade – no thank you I’m not your goddam Guinea pig or bitch. These laptops are my income you greedy bastards.

Stop shitting your crap so called old renamed new tech down my throat. I don’t want it and plenty others don’t either.

For those of you struggling with this same annoying problem here:

Disable Onedrive

Or from above site (thank you Adam Hollet)




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