RLS aka Willis Ekbom Disease

Everyone knows it by restless leg syndrome. The scientific community gave it a new name awhile back called Willis Ekbom Disease.

Some people, like me, have whole body symptoms. I’ve kicked Jeff awake from a dead sleep, flung my poor Siamese across a room, done the running man in my sleep and have had that “body buzz” where my whole body seems to vibrate.

That last one is the worse, the vibrating body. It keeps me up or wakes me from sleep. I’ve become a bit of a night owl because of it.

There are no real known causes except for type 2 (medication or injury induced). Type one is idiopathic, meaning no known cause. There is also no known cure.

Sometimes there is an associated syndrome called periodic limb movement disorder that goes hand in hand with rls/wed. It is where your limbs grow a mind of its own and twitch or jerk around. Ask my Siamese what PLMD is like…

Some studies suggest that iron deficiency plays a roll in this disease. Particularly brain iron stores. Other studies suggest it is dopamine levels being low or glutamate levels or both.

They use antipsychotic, beta blockers, Parkinson’s and anti-seizure meds for rls/wed but only IF you can get your doctor to take you seriously.

It is a very disregarded diseases. One of those silent diseases where people look at the patient and don’t see a sick person. It is also one of those diseases where the patient tends to be mistreated and callously told it’s all in their heads.

Very discouraging. People tend to think that if it isn’t happening to them then it doesn’t exist.


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