Weird I Am


I’m a bit of all the above. However, I’m a weird anomaly to the medical community the most.

I don’t have a sternum. Yeah you read that right, no typo there.

There is no cardiac exposure, my ribs are fused over the upper chest and heart. I do have diaphragm exposure.

The ribs are separate entities from each other. They all float from their connection from the spine and nothing to stabilise them in the front except where they completely fuse together.

This anomaly was discovered when I was 21. I’d been living life up until that discovery as a normal everyday person thinking everyone was like me. I’m in the back of an obscure medical text book.

Nothing like a doctor doing the happy dance during a routine breast exam going oh my God, oh my God …I’ve only ever read or heard about this in my 30 year career.


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