What is BEK?

Blacked Eyed Kids.

It’s a paranormal phenomenon that has been happening off and on for quite some time. The incidents of BEK pick up around October and crest then die down at or after Halloween.

The legend goes that BEK will knock on your door asking to either use your bathroom or telephone. The age range of BEK are about 12 to 19 years old.

What’s so disturbing about BEK are both their very eerily calm demeanour and their black eyes. The sense of doom and panic that victims describe feeling with this phenomenon is one of flight or fight response. Usually they describe a flight response rather than wanting to fight.

Some older theories of BEK say that these are the lost murdered souls of children, others describe them as a type of vampiric phenomenon. Still another theory is they are some type of demon or soul eater phenomena.

All of them say never to open your door to them but if you do, you better not let them in.


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