The Other Alienware


Say hello to the “old beast”. This is my baby, my pride and joy. Alienware 17x

He may be older but one of the most stable, fantastic laptops out there. Old Beast still gets compliments weekly about performance and his sleek gorgeousness.

The Old Beast was not a cheap laptop in his time (2011 make of the 17x). His kind runs between 2600 and 3500 depending on the hardware (in his prime of course).

4 years later (yes earlier post said 6 years, Jeff corrected me today about design year) and Old Beast is still out performing all of the lower end models of today, most of the medium spectrum models and even some of his brothers (17 R2 for instance) and equivalent high end laptops.

Old Beast was built to last, hence why us Alienites are so pissed off at Dell for destroying what was a beautiful thing.


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