Multiple Sclerosis


Today was a day of vindication. I’m also very highly irate. I did an MRI last June for an aneurysm screening and MS screening. The report wasn’t read until today and it took my doctor’s temporary replacement to do it.

Spots on the white brain matter indicative of MS seen. No aneurisms detected.

Two sentences. One a relief the other …well I haven’t cried yet but I will.

Over a year without treatment because a doctor didn’t believe me and didn’t bother to read a report.

I had a verbal diagnosis of MS since 2005. Verbal. Wth is a verbal diagnosis going to do right. A decade of fighting with doctors to take me seriously, to stop telling me its mental health issues, to stop saying I’m too young.

I am utterly raging mad that I’ve missed a full year of treatment because of this lack of caring. What’s Hippocratic Oath if doctors are going to ignore their patients they made that oath to?

The temporary doctor, she is amazing! She was mad too. She has rushed an MS protocol MRI and neurologist referral on my behalf. I like her, knowledgeable, patient and good at what she does. Smart as all hell too, sharper than a tack.

Too bad she is only temporary. She would serve our community way better than most of the doctors here.

Vindicated but hurting because I feel I didn’t matter much to someone it should have mattered to.


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