Everybody Lies

Everybody Lies You just have to know how to catch it.

What is in a lie? I’d say it depends on what the lie is, not what’s being lied about. There are many different types of lies. The white lie, the little fib, the big and bold lie, the secretive lie, the half truth..

It doesn’t matter what kind of lie it is there are tells that people have that show you without them saying so that they are lying. What are tells you ask?

Well, there are 7 universal micro expression regardless of culture, religion, up bringing, creed, color or orientation. Male or female, child or adult – they are truly universal.


There are also 10 universal positive or negative emotional ranges.


These micro expressions and micro emotions happen in anywhere from a 15th of a second to a 25th of a second. Learning to recognize these and catch them as they happen can open a whole new world in every aspect of your life.

When someone is feeling contempt for something or someone the inner brows will arch upward, a furrow will form between them and one corner of the mouth archs downward while the other stays stationary. Pursed lips with closed fists and a stare right through you is anger. Fear is tightened neck muscles with pursed lips and wide eyes. A TRUE smile involves the eyes and whole face while a FAKE smile only involves the mouth. Pleasure and desire…those are interesting. When we talk about a loved one we have an emotional bond with or an intimate bond with our irises dilate indicating that emotional or intimate bond as we recall from our memory those feelings for those people.

Then you have your illustrators and manipulators. Most people who tell the truth talk with their hands. Those who lie, pull their hands in, fidget with something, touch their face a lot and (as ironic as it may be) actually make forceful eye contact with the person they are lying to.

Then you have words. I CAN NOT as opposed to I CAN’T. A liar uses CAN NOT…truthful people to not need to convince you of their truth and use CAN’T. Can not denotes a lier trying to enforce the lie as truth by using subtle word placement to reiterate the lie as a truth. Sometimes even a laugh misplaced in a conversation can tell you the real truth…a small chuckle misplaced moments too late or too soon in a sentence, one where it should not be – it denotes the absurdity of the lie even to the lier. That misplaced laugh is the liar disbelieving their own lie and thinking you are actually falling for it. Smug isn’t it, not consciously on their part though.

You see, if you know what to look for you can spot any liar …no matter how good a liar… from a thousand miles away.


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