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Mini Series: The Bone Jar Part 1



I hold no legal ramifications or liability, nor does anyone at Black Cat Editing or The Real Saga Press. The series you will be reading does not depict any real events past or present, nor real people.

It is a work of fiction.

The Bone Jar

The hallway is dark and dingy. There is very little light. The buzz of the run down over head halogen echoing slightly off the walls. Tapping sounds float out from the door at the end of the hall… tap tap tap… a pause and again …tap tap tap. A mutter of soft words as if under the breath. Someone talking to someone else. It gets a little heated but only one side of the conversation can be heard.

“You should have listened to me…I told you so…” the voice mutters, “they never listen.”

Moving down the hallway, the door looms foreboding, a heavy oak door with years of wear and tear. Streaks of paint from different decades etch across the four-panels. Chipped and peeling, it shows the different stages of color schemes used over the years, almost reminiscent of a broken jaw breaker with its multicolored stripes.

The door is heavy, pushing it open reveals a harsh laboratory light that spills into the dank recesses of the hallway. He can be seen sitting there tapping a scalpel, smirking at the body in front of him on a shiny stainless-steel table. The tapping of the scalpel on the cadaver table accentuates every rock back and forth of his head as he plans his next cut, thinking to himself that it must be perfect, this type of art takes not only precision but talent. Both of which he has, after all, he is an artist don’t you know.

The smell in the room is almost sickly sweet. Formaldehyde and candy mixed together. The chemicals searing the nostrils and throat while the sweet candy smell could choke a bull elephant. It’s like death meets bitter sweet and that can be dangerously soothing at first but nefariously deceiving underneath.

“She would kill me if she knew I’d put her in this outfit,” he says straightening out and smoothing the plaid slacks.

The woman was something he had never set eyes on before in his life. This beautiful creature had a smile that could charm the devil himself he thought. I must have her. Troy moved a little closer to her in the line of the Starbucks. Time to turn up the charm. Troy smiled his lopsided grin, the one that puts a twinkle in his eye. Women generally couldn’t resist that lopsided grin of his, but this woman wasn’t paying attention. Damn.

He looked at her again, watching her inspect a sugar packet closely then reject it and put it back down. He watched this cycle of pick the packet up, inspect it and reject it until she finally found one she wanted. He cocked his head to one side and raised a brow. Glancing down, he gently reached out and flicked one of the bins of packets at the bottom, sending a cascade of sugar packets across the floor and their feet. When he looked up, the eyes that stared incredulously back at him took his breath away.

“Why did you do that?” She asked in a huff.

“I…uhm…sorry?” Troy stammered, “I was uhm, reaching for it…I guess I knocked everything over huh”

The woman shook her head and smiled softly, Troy smirked and shrugged his shoulders at her as if to say heh, yeah ops… She giggled at him and smiled again.

“Uh, I don’t usually do this but would you …well…like to go for coffee sometime? I’m Troy” he said offering his hand to this little pixie of a woman.

“I’m Ivy,” the woman squeaked, “sure, why not.”

How they met was not purely by chance at all, Troy scoped out his hunting grounds – and there were several hunting grounds – for ripe pickings on a regular basis. This was just another doe in his headlights, albeit a very rare and beautiful doe, ready to be picked off by him. He had seen her back in the mall at the natural foods store obliviously riffling through the discount bin and followed her to the Starbucks. Why did they always seem so oblivious to their surroundings – foolish little creatures. Didn’t they know there were predators lurking or were they so satiated by their false sense of securities that they no longer had instincts left for danger.

Her beauty was something to behold…

…This dark haired and green-eyed doe. Her eyes were what got to him the most. A deep emerald green that he could lose himself in. She was the first woman who had taken him by surprise at what she stirred in him. He had not expected her, she blind sided him completely. He might even hazard to say that she stirred some version of love in him. Not love that any normal sane person might describe but rather his own twisted and sinister version.

There was a lot he hadn’t expected with her. She had been easy enough to target but, in a way, without them both knowing it, she had targeted him as well. She had this, seemingly soft and gentle nature but there was something darker roiling just beneath that. Something, familiarly sinister even – like sweet cherry candies. The ones that if you eat too many of them it makes your gut roll but eat just the right amount and its heaven in your mouth – but there is always that fine line with both those candies and Ivy.

Troy stared at himself in the mirror then looked past himself at the bed where she was laying on her belly under the silk white sheets. The curve of her shoulder just poking out of the sheet while the silhouette of her hips and ass tried to entice him back into bed.

Troy felt the heat of himself start to respond with a twinge and then an ache, he had work to do though. No time for a second round of her sweetness, it would have to wait.

Troy smiled softly and picked up the brush with a raised brow. Brushing through his curly blonde hair while contemplating his work at hand. Staring into his own piercing deep blue eyes and running his tongue across his upper teeth, Troy smirked playfully. There were a few new cuts to his art he needed to make this afternoon. He had found the perfect silky fabric for the new piece of art as well – finally, found the right one.

Putting the brush down, Troy slowly pulled out a pair of briefs from the drawer, only pausing when Ivy stirred a little then settled. He threw on his briefs and went searching for his pants and button up shirt that Ivy had so unceremoniously torn off his body last night in her moment of heat.

Time to get to work, Troy grinned as he kissed Ivy on the temple softly.




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