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Special Series: The Bone Jar

It’s finally here, the scariest month of the year (discounting December for us parents that is – you know ’cause Christmas, expensive – am I right?). We are celebrating our 5 year anniversary as well this month on October 9th. We would love to have you join us with a live Facebook announcement and event. On that note:

We’ve been advertising about a really cool special series happening between The Real Saga Press and myself at Black Cat Editing (and Serving the Beam). That little series is called THE BONE JAR aka #thebonejar (use it, seriously, you’ll want to spread it around).

Now some of the topic matter is pretty, oh…not to spoil it, rated R. As in parental advisory, due to gratuitous violence, sex and death please note that the content will *not* be appropriate for younger readers under the age of 18 – who needs sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll when you’ve got violence, sex and death.


I’m going to explain how this mini series will work. You have two main characters. Troy and Ivy – His and Hers – yes I did just reference that innocent little cliche and make it way darker – humor me here for a moment if you will. My blog is Troy aka His. At the end of every entry there will be a link with either His (The Real Saga Press blog) to take you to Troy’s side of the mini series. There will also be a Hers (Serving The Beam) which will take you to Ivy’s side of the story.

The series has been developed in a way that you can start with either side of the story. A pick your poison kind of deal. Keep checking both blogs, both Troy and Ivy are about to get their seriously dark and twisted on very very soon.


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