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Mini Series: The Bone Jar Part 3



I hold no legal ramifications or liability, nor does anyone at Black Cat Editing or The Real Saga Press. The series you will be reading does not depict any real events past or present, nor real people.

It is a work of fiction.

The Bone Jar Part 3

She had surprised him with her question out of no where. They were at the restaurant for their anniversary. One year already. My does time fly, Troy mused to himself as he twirled the dessert spoon in his fingers. He was lost in thought and the spoon when she asked him to share more about himself. His eyes had flicked from the spoon to her while pursing his lips. Caution Troy, his mind screamed.

The last time you shared anything with someone it ended badly, Troy frowned, started for a punishment with a spoon to the back of the hand because of being mouthy and ended with broken fingers and a whole lot of blood to clean up that night.

He shook it off though, this was Ivy. His beloved Ivy, his dark and twisted flower that wrapped and enveloped him with her deadly vines of desire, choking him just enough to elicit the most wicked of heat in him but not enough to squash the life out of him either. She was a fine balance of pain and pleasure his dark little Ivy.

Then again, he had been following her when her curiosity peeked, and she started snooping around the locked door. One night he followed her to the police station. She had cried all the way there in the rain, looking over her shoulder like some sneaky child trying to get away with the whole cookie jar let alone one of the cookies. He had watched as she left a letter in the outdoor mailbox of the precinct then slinked quickly off down the alley way beside the building. Troy then trotted up to the mailbox and dug for the envelope. When he had pulled it out and looked at the front of it he had recognized her scripty hand writing. Neat and tidy, every letter in its place, curves of the letters all tightly compacted in neat little loop to loops.

Troy had slipped down the same alley way she had gone down. Opening the letter to read it. He had stopped dead in the darkness and rain when he realized what the letter confessed. Face turning red and eyes darting back and forth as he had read each damning paragraph while his stomach rolled making him turn his face up to the pouring rain. How could she, she had betrayed him. It couldn’t be possible, not his sweet dark twisted Ivy flower. Troy had shuddered and hung his head, dropping to his knees with the letter clenched in his fist. Rolling the other fist back and forth across his thigh.

Troy had cried out as thunder rumbled through the air and a streak of lightening lit up the alley way. He had spent what seemed an eternity weeping with his face turned up to the torrential down pour that seemed opened from the sky that night. Finally, when the last hitch of agony in his breath had subsided Troy tore apart Ivy’s letter with a seething rage rolling across his face and body. He even left the confetti like pieces drifting in the rain water in the gutter that night too, spitting at them like they were little evil blanched demons sprouting out the dark, dirty water. He had stood up and stared into the darkness in the direction she had gone with a demented grin growing across his face. She would pay for this, soon, but he had to bide his time and make her pay in a way she would never forget – even in death.

He had also found out quite quickly how deeply dark Ivy could be. She was, surprisingly, his match and equal in almost every way he could have imagined, perhaps even surpassing and schooling him in some respects. Her penchant for hard, rough sex over top his prized doe had really taken him by surprise. Ivy had relished in the blood that had sprayed her face and body, slick with it she had become wild and unhinged, thrusting backward against him so hard that he had barely been able to hold on to her. It had been a carnal almost animalistic kind of sex. It seemed to be a primal rebirth for Ivy somehow and he had just been along for the ride that night.

They had both collapsed to either side of the dead doe between them, her peering over the top of the doe’s head at him with this lustful grin, lapping up the blood off her fingers and palms of her hands. He had smiled back at her thinking this is the one, I’ve found THE ONE.

The one he could share his work with and not have to worry about her ever turning her back on him or judging him with that look that was like fingernails on a chalk board to him. How he hated when people looked at his work and scoffed at it. He put so much effort into it, he detested, abhorred that ungrateful look. It filled him with a boiling rage that consumed every thought and feeling, leaving him reeling like a wild animal. Ivy didn’t do that at all to him, in fact she embraced his work fully. Though, sometimes he wondered if she was simply willfully allowing herself not to see, smell or feel what was around her in the apartment.

He had started leaving hints of his work more willingly in the open for her to find. From trinkets that came from his precious doe’s body to outright leaving a doe or two around the place. Sometimes he swore she looked right at them and saw nothing but then she would come out of left field at him like she did with that blood rebirth of hers the other night.

“Did you hear me my love?” Ivy asked, staring at him funny from across the restaurant table.

“Yes Ivy, I heard you,” Troy spoke softly, “Okay, I’ll show you what I do Ivy, I’ll show you my work.”

The place was a bit crowded, Troy hadn’t expected a damn carnival in town. Its bright lights and annoying music on an endless loop. Ivy seemed enthralled with it all and Troy shook his head and had to smirk softly at the adorable wide-eyed stare she was giving.

He nearly missed the doe while staring at Ivy, his deadly little flower. He smelt her first, the doe was wearing a scent that was light and creamy. Troy nuzzled into Ivy’s shoulder and stole another glance toward the doe. Red hair and caramelized amber eyes. Ivory pale perfect skin. Ivy turned to Troy and looked at him with a puzzled look.

“Why are you looking at that red head like that?” Ivy asked him.

“You asked me to show you my work, she is a part of my work.” He responded with a whisper in her ear.

“What the hell are you on about? Troy, you don’t even know this girl.” Ivy grunted with indignant attitude. She stared hard at the red head, giving her a look that could run your blood cold. Ivy turned back to Troy with a warning look.

“Darling, I don’t do threesomes if that’s what you are after, I don’t like sharing” Ivy growled.

“No love, not what I’m after. She is a prized doe for work, she is art waiting to happen” Troy grunted with his teeth bared at her. Troy was now slightly irritated with Ivy, she is smarter than this usually. It normally never takes Ivy much to realise what he wanted from her, but this was ridiculous.

…No, not that look, anything but that look…

Troy’s feathers were now ruffled as Ivy stared at him wide eyed as the realisation struck her full force. She tried to hide it though, Troy watched her pathetic attempt at recovering from the shock of understanding.

Ivy shook her head to clear the cobwebs and something shifted across her face that took Troy by surprise. You could see the shift from shock to serious analytical thought then to acceptance of the whole idea. Troy began to relax a little.  Troy watched Ivy closely again looking for that look that made him seethe so badly. It was gone but the fact that it had been there at first troubled him gravely.

She was scoffing at his work after all, just hiding it all this time. The letter that rainy night had proven that hadn’t it. Troy gritted his teeth and forced a wide lopsided grin in Ivy’s direction. Oh, how his heart ached, shattering into a million pieces. His precious flower has betrayed him. Troy’s grin floundered a bit and he rolled his shoulders back and down, stuffing the pain deep into the core of himself.

“My precious Ivy be a dear and hand the red head one of my photography cards” Troy spoke as gently as he could while raising a brow at Ivy when she gave him a confused slack jawed look, “I meant art work as in photography work my darling, what did you think I meant?”

As Ivy caught up to the red head in the parking lot away from the crowds she stole a glance back toward Troy. He wasn’t there, it startled Ivy that he was gone, and she tripped right into the red head at her car. The photography business card loop de looped its way to the ground between the two women.

“I’m so sorry” Ivy kept repeating frantically.

“Hey, hey it’s okay” the other woman said with a soft smile as she picked up the card and flipped it over.

That’s when it happened. It was so fast Ivy nearly screamed for the red head who couldn’t. Troy had appeared behind her with this look on his face. It was pure unadulterated rage rolling in waves off his body. There was this almost wild look in his eyes, Ivy couldn’t quite place that look right away and gasped when she realised she was staring into the eyes of a predator. He bared his teeth and they looked almost razor like as he growled while grabbing at the red head. He had something in his hand that he slapped over her mouth and nose. A rag of some sort.

When he started dragging the red head toward their car, her eyes rolling back, Ivy began to panic. Troy growled a warning at Ivy to pull her shit together and get in the car. At first, all Ivy could do was stare at her beloved Troy as if he was someone she didn’t recognise. Then this cold chill ran down her back and spread from the core of her being out to the tips of her fingers, down her legs and into her toes. Up her neck and across her scalp into her face. A cold calmness over came her and she stared into Troy’s eyes as she slid into the drivers seat with her own teeth bared.

Troy tossed the car keys in her lap as he hopped into the passenger seat then turned to look at her. He studied her face for what seemed like an eternity. When he seemed satisfied with what he was looking for he told Ivy to crank the key and hit the highway, that he would guide her to where they were going.

“Afterall, you asked to see my work Ivy,” Troy grunted, “I will show you my work.”

“Where is she Troy?” Ivy whispered, afraid to speak any louder.

“In the trunk of the car, just drive Ivy.”


“Don’t miss the dirt road Ivy.” Troy told her curtly.

She did miss the road by a full two feet and had to slam the car in reverse and back up to pull into the dirt road. Troy laughed wildly when she missed it, howling with laughter deep from his gut. Ivy growled indignantly, was this their first fight? Ivy slammed the car to a full stop and turned toward Troy. How dare he laugh at her.

“That’s not funny Troy,” Ivy tried to keep her voice to an even keel but ended up hissing the words through gritted teeth, “You have never treated me like this before, Why now? What did I do?”

Troy cringed and hung his head while shuddering in his seat. He struggled between the utter sadness that ripped his heart into pieces and the rage that racked his body and coiled it like a viper getting ready to strike. His precious Ivy was poisoned to him, she had turned on him. How, how could this have happened, how did he miss it. She would pay for this, he would make her pay in the worse way possible.

“I’m sorry Ivy,” Troy whispered softly while reaching for her across the seats, “you’re right, I behaved poorly and I’m sorry my love.”

Troy pulled her into his lap, kissing her forehead, both her eyes, then cheeks and mouth. Ivy, at first, didn’t reciprocate but warmed to him after a moment or two. Kissing back, darting her tongue into his mouth then playfully nipping his lip. Troy gasped softly, sliding his hand under her skirt and tugging at her lacey panties, breaking them away from her body.


Ivy jumped right out of her skin. For a moment she had forgotten the red head was in the trunk. Troy was staring at her with a wide lopsided grin on his face and a sparkle in his eyes. Ivy’s own eyes roamed from his face to his chest where his breath heaved in and out, he was excited, aroused even. The hard heat in the crotch of his pants confirmed that he was aroused. More so than she had ever seen him before. It stirred a strange guilty warmth in her abdomen that snaked down between her legs, making her squirm.

“No time, my love, for pleasure, there is work that needs to be done first” he whispered as he kissed her on the mouth while she whimpered in protest.

Troy slipped out from underneath Ivy and slid into the driver’s seat. He would take them the rest of the way. The dirt road here, in the dark, was dangerous and they couldn’t afford to roll the car over in the bush at night. Not with a precious doe in the trunk at any rate. It’s time to show Ivy what his work was about, then…then he had to work out how to make her pay for scoffing at that work.




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