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Mini Series: The Bone Jar Part 4



I hold no legal ramifications or liability, nor does anyone at Black Cat Editing or The Real Saga Press. The series you will be reading does not depict any real events past or present, nor real people.

It is a work of fiction.

The Bone Jar Part 4

Ivy was sure now that Troy didn’t suspect what she knew now. She seemed to have gotten away with hiding her horrifying realisation that Troy was a serial killing lunatic. How had she not seen it before? She stared out the passenger window, feet up on the seat while hugging her knees tight.


Ivy came to a horrifying second realisation, she couldn’t help the red head in the trunk of his car. She would have to feign her way through this whole thing. She would have to witness a woman dying while a crazed lunatic took her life with a sadistic satisfaction.

She should have listened to that oh so familiar letter more closely. She had thought it was a crazy ex girlfriend who had sent it, trying to break her and Troy apart. She had been willfully blind to his activities around the apartment and his long excursions without her. She fingered the locket around her neck and almost didn’t gag down the vomit that rose sourly to the back of her throat. Oh my god, her eyes widened, and she whined softly against the window.

Troy grit his teeth as he cranked the music to a high crescendo, deafening them both and drowning out the thump-scream from the trunk of the car. He took the left bend turn hard, clipping the back of the car against the three birch trees that he normally narrowly missed.

…cold bones, yeah that’s my love…she glides away, like a ghost…


Troy cursed under his breath and cranked the wheel the opposite way to catch the reverse S bend toward the bunker. There, the door at last. He brought the car to a screeching halt causing Ivy to lurch forward and slam the heel of her hand on the passenger dash. Her feet made an oddly satisfying plop, plop on the floor of the car.

“Let’s go Ivy, get out of the car.” Troy told her, “We have work to do.”

“Troy, please. Can’t we just go home now.” Ivy whispered softly, nuzzling up to him.

Troy yanked her roughly away from his body and stared her in the eyes, teeth bared menacingly. He turned her around and pressed the keys into her hand while shoving her toward the back end of the car. Tonight, he would guide her hands in her debut work of art. She just needed a push in the right direction is all. Tonight, two would become one, he would take her here and reshape her into his dark and deadly Ivy. He would make her his finally. No more games, no more playing around, Troy thought to himself as he growled an instruction at Ivy.

“Careful, she’s feisty. The feisty ones are trouble sometimes.” Troy growled. “Be prepared.”

“Troy, I don’t know if I can do this, please.” Ivy whimpered.

“Move it.” Troy grunted as he yanked the keys back from her with a sigh and popped the trunk suddenly.

The red head sprung like a wild jack rabbit from the trunk of Troy’s car, yowling loudly and taking wide sweeping strikes at the air between her and them. She was throwing her punches wild and cockeyed without even looking. Probably praying she makes some sort of connection Troy smirked side stepping a wild right hook. There was a thud and Ivy was sprawled on her back with her cheek throbbing suddenly. The red head made contact after all, Troy mused.

Ivy felt the wave of rage building in the center of her body, she shuddered and glared up only to see the red head being led from the back of the neck by Troy to a door.

A door in the middle of the woods? Ivy cocked her head to one side curiously, now she had seen it all. Why was she not surprised in the least? Ivy yanked herself to her feet and rubbed her stinking cheek. She looked up and made eye contact with the red head. Her mouth split into a wide, predatory grin. Her teeth gritting back and forth and fingers rubbing her now bruising cheek. Bitch is going to pay for that.

The click of the lock startled both women for a moment and the door to the bunker swung inward. Troy flicked a switch and the droning hum of a set of halogen lighting cranked to life. The lighting made the corridor of the bunker eerie. It made Ivy’s hairs stand on end. She swore she saw something pass in front of them, in the dark shadows.

Ivy could almost hear whispers, she gave her head a shake trying to rationalise the whispers as the scuffing of their shoes on the concrete floor of the corridor. You’re imagining things Ivy, pull your shit together, there’s nothing there.

The red head screamed and tried to pull away from Troy, but she only succeeded in making him furious. He slapped her then shoved her up against the wall of the bunker. Pinning her to it. There was an audible shick and a flash of what looked almost like liquid silver then the red head’s shirt fell away from her body revealing her black lacy bra underneath. Troy gyrated against the red head’s rear, pressing hard and letting off a low deep moan.

Ivy’s eyes widened as she growled “What the fuck Troy.”

Troy looked up just in time to catch Ivy’s hand before she could grab his switch blade from him. The red head managed to slip out from under him as he moved away to catch Ivy’s hand. Good thing I locked the bunker door back there. Troy looked past Ivy, watching the red head run down the corridor and slam against the door at the end. He howled laughter as the red head scrambled with the handle of the door, scratching and pawing at it desperately. He looked back at Ivy and raised a brow at her as if to say, go get her.

Ivy cringed back at first then turned on her heel abruptly. She nearly screamed herself when a hand reached over her shoulder and stopped her in her tracks. Troy turned her around to face him again. He stared into her eyes making her shift uncomfortably from one foot to the other. She was about to ask him what the hell he wanted when she felt the cold hard shaft of the switch blade being pressed into her hand.

“Ivy, my love, bring her back here but cut away her clothes as you do,” Troy purred softly in her ear, “bring her to me, naked as the day she was born.”

Ivy couldn’t help it, she moaned softly as she fingered the switch blade in her hands. Turning it this way and that then looking up at Troy. He nodded back at her and she turned back to the red head. The precious doe, his precious doe. She had to go get the doe, like a good little girl. Ivy started down the corridor while the precious doe mewled and whimpered in her direction.

“You’ve been a very bad little doe.” Ivy hissed as she sashayed down the corridor. She dragged the tip of the switch blade along the wall as her head slowly rocked from side to side. She eyed her pray with a wild shit eating grin and swirled the blade in the air in front of the doe’s face.

“Please…help me.” the red head whimpered trying to grasp at Ivy, “please Ivy…”

Ivy bore her teeth and what came from her throat had no resemblance to the soft spoken and sweet Ivy that most people knew her as. This was the dark and twisted Ivy, the Ivy that could choke you one handed while laughing hysterically in your face. How dare this little bitch let my name roll off her stupid little tongue. I’m going to rip that tongue out and shove it down her throat.

Ivy lunged at the doe, grabbing her by her red curls and yanking her to her knees. She was going to make this bitch bleed, she would make her pay for that little taunt with Troy back there. Thinking she could get a little something from her man. Bitch was going to regret stepping into her territory that’s for sure.

Ivy rolled her head from side to side, taking a deep breath. She had to be smart about it. Troy had asked her to bring the doe back to him naked. Ivy knew she and Troy would make the doe pay. She just had to be patient didn’t she. Ivy pulled the precious doe gently to her feet, nuzzling the red head’s face with her own. The red head relaxed a little letting Ivy get a little closer.

“There, there sweet precious,” Ivy cooed softly, “it’s okay, put your head on my shoulder sweetheart.”

“Thank… Thank you.” The doe whispered, “Please don’t let him hurt me.”

“Oh, he isn’t who you need to worry about.” Ivy grinned maniacally at the doe as she swiped the blade under the red head’s belt. The sound of the belt giving under the sharp blade was surprisingly satisfying to Ivy. She hadn’t thought there could have been anything more satisfying to her ears. Ivy heard Troy shift behind her and felt the hardness of his manhood press into her bottom. She would make him wait like he made her wait in the car. Ivy pushed him back, waving him away and making him smile while he stepped back for her.

She popped the button on the doe’s pants with the switch blade and tugged at the zipper. Letting the red head’s pants hit the floor with a soft swish. Ivy nuzzled the whimpering woman, making her stand straight as she pulled first her bra roughly over the doe’s head and then her panties down her legs to her ankles.

“Step out of them like a good little precious,” Ivy whispered, “be a good little doe.”

The red head did as she was told, trembling and trying to hide her nakedness from both Troy and Ivy with her hands. Ivy looked back at Troy, his eyes sparkled, and his hand rubbed at his manhood, he was outright panting now. Ivy smirked at him and took the doe by the hand as she walked the red head back down the corridor toward him.

“Christ,” Troy moaned as Ivy pressed the red head against him. He turned the precious doe toward the wooden door at the end of the hallway. “Start walking my little doe.”

Ivy giggled as she twirled the silver switch blade around. Watching the halogen lighting sparkle and twinkle off the hilt of the blade. Something moved beyond her vision and past the blade. She looked and had to cringed backward, nearly tripping over her own feet. She slapped a hand to her wide-open mouth to keep the scream from escaping. There in the darkness was a face, slices up and down the cheeks. The mouth pulled into a grotesque perverted permanent smile with staples and stitching. The eye lids were missing on this woman’s face. Her silvery grey eyes staring woefully into Ivy’s deep emerald ones.

Look what you helped him do. How could you…

Ivy tried to gag back the hot putrid vomit rising in her throat. It was no use, she no longer had control over her own stomach and it’s urgent need to empty itself. Ivy felt the sting of bile as she heaved and wretched the contents of her gut all over the wall and floor of the corridor. The face came closer to hers, rising between the wall and her, materializing through her stinking vomit pouring from her mouth. Those eyes staring deeply into Ivy’s, staring into the very core of her being.

…. Come back home Ivy…. We are all waiting for you.

“Ivy.” Ivy jolted at the sound of his voice. It was loud and stern in the cramped corridor. The smell of damp earth and rotting leaves with her steaming hot vomit on the ground made Ivy wretch again and she slapped her hand on the wall to steady herself. Her other hand had a death grip on the hilt of the switch blade. She looked up and again nearly screamed but this time at the icy blue eyes she had come to love losing herself in. Troy had this odd look on his face, Ivy couldn’t quite figure out what that look was…then it dawned on her as she rasped a forced giggle out of her raw throat.

He was uncertain, confused. Ivy would even guess unsure. She had never seen him not sure of himself. Uncertainty was not in Troy’s vocabulary. He touched her face, lifting it to look her in her eyes. Troy swiped a lock of her jet-black hair away from her face and unbuttoned his shirt. He pulled it off and wiped her brow and face then mouth with it. It was as tender a gesture as a lunatic could possibly make … or was it mimic… and it made Ivy guiltily swoon all that much more for Troy. He may be a lunatic serial killer but wasn’t he her lunatic serial killer as much as she was his dark little Ivy. She forced the thoughts from her mind and straightened herself, pushing off from the wall shakily.

“I’m okay, just the excitement of the night.” Ivy managed through her sourly raw throat.

Troy frowned, a deep furrow in his brow forming. How oddly sudden, she seemed to have seen something too, I wonder what it was Troy thought. Troy had already knocked the new doe out a second time and placed her in the room beyond the wooden door. He had had to go back for Ivy because she had lagged behind him. When he had reached her she had already been dry heaving with a strange look on her face, liked she’d seen a ghost or something.

Ivy was looking at him with a tenderness that made him shiver delightfully. He pulled her close to him, kissing her forehead and taking her hand to slide it between his legs. When she gripped the bulge there it made him tilt his head back and shudder a long, deep growling moan. It was like a million tiny little deaths when his sweet Ivy caressed him like that, the tingling prickly feeling as his breath came in heavy and fast. She started off gentle and ended rough with a strong squeezing grip that made him both shake with excitement and shivered as a twinge of pleasurable pain buried itself deep in his groin. What a fine line pain and pleasure. The sweet caress of fingers combined with the hard pull. It made him bite his own lip and draw blood.

Ivy pulled away while peering over Troy’s shoulder. She gasped, wide-eyed and astonished. What lay beyond him was a room. The light hummed miserably over a shiny table. The kind of table you would see in a coroners morgue. It was shiny, and the red headed doe was laying on it. Beside the table was another table with odd looking instruments on it. Ivy knew what a scalpel was but that bigger one that was wide, the name of it eluded her right now. Bone something or other. Her eyes roamed, and she croaked a startled grunt. A mirror. It caught her face in its reflection and threw it back at her. Beyond the mirror was a wall full of shelving. On that shelving were mason jars. So many mason jars Ivy marvelled. She slowly tip toed into the room, almost resembling a little mouse in a field as she crossed the thresh hold of the door.

In those mason jars… My god, was it? It is? Bones, floating in an odd fluid in each of the jars. Some had small trinkets with the bones, bobbing in that strange clear brownish liquid. Other jars had an eyeball or an earing with the bones. Ivy gazed at the shelves of bone jars, staring at them in pure child like awe. How many were there, how long has he been doing this? Each jar had its own label, meticulously and lovingly labelled in a neat, tight cursive writing. That is Troy’s writing! Ivy touched one of the jars and let off a strangled whimper, THAT jar label had her writing on it. No, no she didn’t, she couldn’t have. Ivy backed up into the cadaver table behind her causing the red head to moan softly and weakly flail her hands.

Troy turned Ivy around to face the precious doe. The red head’s eyes fluttered as Ivy moaned softly when Troy slipped his hand into her shirt. He pushed her over the table, pressing himself to her. Ivy stared into the doe’s face as Troy pushed her skirt up over her hips.

“I’m taking you here Ivy, spread your legs” Troy breathed heavily

“Not here, Troy ….no, why can’t we go back to the bed at home” Ivy moaned

“No, my love, not there, here is where I want my dark Ivy, you are mine now, bend over like a good girl and smile love smile…you are mine now love, mine alone”

“Ivy, you are helping me, do it for me my love, twist her good” Troy breathed heavily in Ivy’s ear with each thrust of his hips.

Ivy gripped the table as climax ripped through her body in waves. She cried out just as the doe started screaming. Her hands did the work for her, the shick of the blade, the rip of skin and the splash of coppery hot red liquid slapping Ivy full in the face. Ivy screamed her pleasure and Troy’s name as he arced his back with a low rumbling moan of his own. His thrusts became wild and erratic, his manhood stiffening as Troy bounced Ivy’s round bottom, banging her thighs hard against the cadaver table. Ivy surrendered all of herself to his darkness embracing it as her own. Becoming whatever he needed her to be. The dark, twisted little flower, his little Ivy flower.

The doe struggled to breath through the gaping tear in her throat, mouth opening and closing like some odd half human – half fish thing. It was wholly irritating to Ivy suddenly and she felt a cruelty seep into her heart, god this bitch couldn’t even die quietly either.

“Die you stupid bitch.” Ivy hissed through clenched teeth pushing herself up from the doe. There was a sound like metal on metal and Ivy panicked, where did the switch blade go, her hands groping around for the silvery hilt. Troy leaned in and held her hands to the table with one of his. Sliding something under them. The switch blade! Ivy drew a shaky breath and relaxed.

The doe beneath her was now cooling off, her death rattle slowing to nearly nothing but a gasp here and one there. The blood dripping off Ivy’s face was starting to congeal and clot on her forehead and cheeks. Her hands were thick with the doe’s blood and Troy’s seed mixed in. She stared at her hands for a long time, watching the crimson blood turn to a deeper red then a sickly brown on them. What had she done Ivy thought as tears started rolling down her cheeks creating tracks in the drying blood on her face. What have I done? Ivy tossed her head back and froze staring into her own deep green eyes in the mirror. She didn’t recognise herself anymore, this wasn’t her anymore.




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