In 1999 I graduated from John  Abbott College with a 3 year technical diploma (bachelors) in Office Systems Technology. In the three years I was at JAC I’ve learned about filing technologies, telecommunications, document and technology standards, desktop publishing and even art and archaeology (don’t try to coast in his class, he wrote the textbook and he isn’t an easy teacher to get a good mark with).

While 1999 is a long way back I’ve grown from then to now. I’ve been traditionally published with Reader’s Jack Horror Anthology in 2008 and even indie published my own book, THESE CHAINS, with both CreateSpace and LuLu. I’ve co-authored, I’ve blogged, I’ve edited and done InDesign layouts for online and print.

A “Jane of all Trades” so to speak. This blog in particular started out in 2007 as a business mixed with personal outlet. Now, I’ve matured in that time frame into one of the Three Little Sisters (I’ll allude to this title in the near future, it’s a bit of a “trade secret” at the moment) from The Real Saga Press – no we are *not* Simon and Schuster and yes that statement is a bit more of a crude running joke in the virtual office.

This blog has evolved from “The Natural Mama” to “Serving the Beam”. For those of you who don’t know what serving the beam means – it’s a reference to The Dark Tower by Stephen King (I’m a huge fan, my King collection collapses book shelves). You are going to see a lot of publishing, graphics design and writing related posts here mixed in with a touch of strange aka personal posts from my every day life (I’m an Irish Quebecer, what can I say – I’m definitely a touch strange at times if not sarcastically humorous).

I look forward to another leg of our journey together. For those of you who are fans, my gratitude and to the new fans that may come along – pull up a chair, stay awhile – I have much to share on many levels.

I disclose when I am endorsing another business on this blog, the copyrights that are owned by myself can’t be reproduced unless you have written permission from myself. Anything that is not my exclusive copyright is indicated where it may be appropriate and permissions have either been granted or public domain fair use is in effect as per copyright laws and the Bernes convention. All work that doesn’t belong to me is given credit where credit is due.

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