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Publish America Redux

Remember this: Publish America Apparently Publish America became America Star Books. After that, they went defunct. The previous owner, Miranda Prather gave way to co-owners Lawrence Clopper & Willem Meiners. After a lawsuit, multiple BBB complaints, Writer Beware\SFWA blogging about multiple warnings and Absolute Write members posting thread upon thread about them - they disappeared. I'm,… Continue reading Publish America Redux

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Not Interchangeable

There are two words... tol·er·ance ˈtäl(ə)rəns noun 1.the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with. "the tolerance of corruption" synonyms: acceptance, toleration; open-mindedness, broad-mindedness, forbearance, liberality, liberalism; patience, charity, indulgence, understanding "an attitude of tolerance toward other people" And ac·cept·ance əkˈseptəns… Continue reading Not Interchangeable

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Society for Animals in Distress

Been working round the clock this week and last week to catch up on updates to the SAD site. Tinkering with layout, advertising ideas and networking for them. A new page will be coming up soon about advertising subscriptions for ads on the site. They get anywhere from 10 000 to 15 000 on average… Continue reading Society for Animals in Distress

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My Heart is Heavy

The no kill shelter I work with pro bono through my business Amped Designs took a hard blow this weekend. Brandi (Goddess love her) discovered one morning this past week that someone had dumped a chow mix dog over the shelter fence. She also discovered that this dog was extremely starved, neglected and sick. Roy,… Continue reading My Heart is Heavy

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Spirituality & Canadian Criminal Code

Section 365 of the Canadian Criminal Code, R.S. 1985,c.C-46 "Every one who fraudulently (a) pretends to exercise or to use any kind of witchcraft, sorcery, enchantment or conjuration, (b) undertakes, for a consideration, to tell fortunes, or (c) pretends from his skill in or knowledge of an occult or crafty science to discover where or… Continue reading Spirituality & Canadian Criminal Code

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An Honoring of a Baby Angel

There is a mama I know from a parenting board I am on. Her baby girl, though I don't know her, has touched my life in such a profound way that I needed to write about it. Her name was Calypso and she was the sweetest little darling I've ever laid eyes on. Her story… Continue reading An Honoring of a Baby Angel

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An Old Poloroid And A Fond Memory

Jeff & Brodie Originally uploaded by acgeal This is the first time Brodie was held by his papa after he was born. I still can't wrap my mind around how tiny he was and how big he is now. It's a fond memory with a bit of a sad and happy sting to it. It's… Continue reading An Old Poloroid And A Fond Memory