Editing & Design Services

I’ve been working in the publishing world for over a decade; however, the last five years I’ve been working at a small publishing house called The Real Saga Press. I do quite a few things at Saga. Everything from executive administration, documentation as well as copy editing and InDesign layouts. I’m also the book cover designer there as well. However; my primary education is in documentation and office systems technology. I’m a document technician.

You must be asking yourself, what exactly is a “document technician”?

A document technician is a person who can design branded documents for businesses including letters, invoices, business plans, service proposals and so much more. I’m betting your next question is what can a technician do for an author?

As a technician, I can proof read, copy edit and organize your outlines, character builds, plots and story files. I can also help you finish that manuscript you are stuck on. Want to write your life story but don’t know how – I can do that too by becoming your ghost writer.

I’m pretty reasonable with my prices. I do everything from proof reading to full on copy editing and ghost writing. If you need blog content or articles, proof is in the blog hits here at The Beam, over 200K hits.

If you have a project proposal you want to shoot my way, head on over to my editing site hosted by the publisher that has vetted my work. We can talk shop and I can build a package that suits your needs.


Black Cat Editing & Design


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