Stephen King & Disney

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I’m sitting here quietly enjoying a coffee before the kids get home and happened to look up…

Stephen King books flanked by Disney collector cups.. As if. I find it somewhat, well morbid somehow.

Wonder what Sai King would think?

Can you tell I have kids?


The Other Alienware

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Say hello to the “old beast”. This is my baby, my pride and joy. Alienware 17x

He may be older but one of the most stable, fantastic laptops out there. Old Beast still gets compliments weekly about performance and his sleek gorgeousness.

The Old Beast was not a cheap laptop in his time (2011 make of the 17x). His kind runs between 2600 and 3500 depending on the hardware (in his prime of course).

4 years later (yes earlier post said 6 years, Jeff corrected me today about design year) and Old Beast is still out performing all of the lower end models of today, most of the medium spectrum models and even some of his brothers (17 R2 for instance) and equivalent high end laptops.

Old Beast was built to last, hence why us Alienites are so pissed off at Dell for destroying what was a beautiful thing.

Alienware Back to Depot

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Well, after chatting with tech over the phone the new 17 R2 is going to the depot for repairs.

Less than 2 months old and it has to go to repairs… Pathetic really, haven’t even made a second payment on the damn thing.

Found out Alienites have been battling Dell for a properly coded BIOS for the fans for two years now and Dell keeps on ignoring it.

Way to go Dell, misadvertising and selling broken laptops. Ignoring the consumer when problems arise.

You people at Dell do know Canada has much more strict consumer laws and a shark toothed ombudsman? Guess who will be filing complaints with both? Yup, me.

I reiterate, Dell…you suck.

Emotional/Psychological Banking

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You ever get so tired of people? Especially the ones that are always asking you for a favour, maybe dumping their woes me on you constantly? The ones that just won’t go home and over stay their welcome perhaps?

Ever wonder why you feel so over whelmed, drained and just blah?

Well think of it this way:

Consider yourself a bank account.  For everything you do for someone else, no matter what it is, is a withdrawal.  Big or small, it will take it out of your account until there is nothing left.  To maintain these withdrawals, you need to make deposits.  A deposit is something done for you.

When you don’t have something done for you but you are always doing something for others you become emotionally and psychologically bankrupt.

Those of us who are bankrupt emotionally or psychologically don’t know how to say no. Not knowing how to say no stems from not knowing what your personal boundaries are, or knowing what they are but not enforcing them.

We teach people how to treat us. If we teach them that they can expect a yes every time they ask us for something or to do something for them – then they keep taking until we have nothing left.

It’s okay to say no. You are allowed to say no. When you learn the word no is not an evil, end all word that destroys worlds the takers of this world won’t stick around you for very long because they know that you will not tolerate being taken from by them to the point of exhaustion.

Stand up for yourself, be firm in your personal boundaries and learn when to say no thank you.

Release the Kracken

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That’s me once a month. This one made me giggle. So do these:






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What is BEK?

Blacked Eyed Kids.

It’s a paranormal phenomenon that has been happening off and on for quite some time. The incidents of BEK pick up around October and crest then die down at or after Halloween.

The legend goes that BEK will knock on your door asking to either use your bathroom or telephone. The age range of BEK are about 12 to 19 years old.

What’s so disturbing about BEK are both their very eerily calm demeanour and their black eyes. The sense of doom and panic that victims describe feeling with this phenomenon is one of flight or fight response. Usually they describe a flight response rather than wanting to fight.

Some older theories of BEK say that these are the lost murdered souls of children, others describe them as a type of vampiric phenomenon. Still another theory is they are some type of demon or soul eater phenomena.

All of them say never to open your door to them but if you do, you better not let them in.

Dell.. You Suck

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Good lords and ladies…

Dell, you suck.

My 6 year old beast (an Alienware 17x) works better than my Alienware 17 R2

Why you ask?

Well, the techies from Alienware coded the BIOS for the old beast. The idiots at Dell coded the BIOS for the new one. Their coding neglects the fans, their coding is broken.

The fans don’t kick on with their BIOS coding …they’ve done numerous updated BIOS. A00 is the best (because it wasn’t coded by them) but subsequent BIOS version A02, A03, A04 and A05 (how many attempts do you need Dell? Really, 4 attempts and you still can’t get it right?) all are broken. They have tried to lock the user out of fan control and in that attempt they killed the BIOS ability to actually turn the fans on at all.

Yup, a month of no fans. I’m lucky it didn’t fry anything (that I know of).

I’m paying 2500 dollars for these assholes to almost turn MY Alienware into a paper weight.

Another problem, 180 watt power pack on an Alienware? Really, you cheap bastards? Don’t you people over at Dell do your research? Alienware owners are all about top of the line raw power. This 17 R2 should be running on a 250 watt power pack you dumb asses.

I’m disappointed, Dell ruined the Alienware name. Most of us hard core Alienites now call the Alienware a Delliware. Why change what isn’t broken, instead these knobs at Dell are cheapening Alienware like the sick greedy corporates they are.

It’s pretty bad that I have to use a third party program to manually control my fans so I don’t fry a brand new system you jackasses sent to me broken…and I’m paying for this crap?