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The Good Guy

What a mess...all for some little girl...what the fuck was I thinking. How the hell am I gonna work my way outta this... Remember this? IT LIVES...the beginnings of an idea from the gyrificated folds of my "touch of strange" mind.

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Bad Guy Turns Good Guy

I have this idea floating around my head for the last 48 hours. A book slash graphic novel slash illustrated comic style novel... I know, that was complicated for an explanation. I keep seeing it in my minds eye. The first page a drawing of a guy (and oh my lord my google searches must… Continue reading Bad Guy Turns Good Guy


Adults Behaving Badly

I swear some adults behave worse than kids do. I'll never get how an adult can justify bad behavior to themselves with "I was just joking" or "No offense meant". Honestly, do they really think saying that justifies the bad behavior at all? It's still bad behavior whether it was meant or not. A lot… Continue reading Adults Behaving Badly