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Multiple Sclerosis

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Today was a day of vindication. I’m also very highly irate. I did an MRI last June for an aneurysm screening and MS screening. The report wasn’t read until today and it took my doctor’s temporary replacement to do it.

Spots on the white brain matter indicative of MS seen. No aneurisms detected.

Two sentences. One a relief the other …well I haven’t cried yet but I will.

Over a year without treatment because a doctor didn’t believe me and didn’t bother to read a report.

I had a verbal diagnosis of MS since 2005. Verbal. Wth is a verbal diagnosis going to do right. A decade of fighting with doctors to take me seriously, to stop telling me its mental health issues, to stop saying I’m too young.

I am utterly raging mad that I’ve missed a full year of treatment because of this lack of caring. What’s Hippocratic Oath if doctors are going to ignore their patients they made that oath to?

The temporary doctor, she is amazing! She was mad too. She has rushed an MS protocol MRI and neurologist referral on my behalf. I like her, knowledgeable, patient and good at what she does. Smart as all hell too, sharper than a tack.

Too bad she is only temporary. She would serve our community way better than most of the doctors here.

Vindicated but hurting because I feel I didn’t matter much to someone it should have mattered to.


Weird I Am

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I’m a bit of all the above. However, I’m a weird anomaly to the medical community the most.

I don’t have a sternum. Yeah you read that right, no typo there.

There is no cardiac exposure, my ribs are fused over the upper chest and heart. I do have diaphragm exposure.

The ribs are separate entities from each other. They all float from their connection from the spine and nothing to stabilise them in the front except where they completely fuse together.

This anomaly was discovered when I was 21. I’d been living life up until that discovery as a normal everyday person thinking everyone was like me. I’m in the back of an obscure medical text book.

Nothing like a doctor doing the happy dance during a routine breast exam going oh my God, oh my God …I’ve only ever read or heard about this in my 30 year career.


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I don’t even like that word…frustrations. Being frustrated is one of the most anxiety filling, nasty and mind numbing experience of life. There are many triggers for my personal frustrations. Getting work, family members griping, bad behaviors from both adults and children, my disabilities. List is long with many differing levels of frustrations for each item on that list.

My biggest listed item? My things getting broken and destroyed. That’s a huge pet peeve of mine, it’s so huge it’s life altering. Take for example the new mini system we just bought (Acer Aspire 3300) getting knocked off my desk and now the hard drive is failing. Just bought it on Saturday too. Less than 12 hours old in our household and my 4.5 year old unlocks my bedroom door then the two littles proceed to wreck havoc on the new system by accidentally knocking it right to the floor.

*sigh* Buying a new hard drive is not an easy expense to swallow. Especially when one took precautions to avoid such an expense. One really can’t stay mad at her either. She’s autistic, she’s disabled, she can’t help these things and doesn’t understand them.

Frustrations cause stress, stress causes depression (aka situational or environmental depression), depression causes mood cycling and the mood cycling causes more stress in the household. Vicious cycle that is. On top of those frustrations my second top of the list item is lack of help from other family members for household chores. DRIVES ME BAT POO POO COO COO.

Lack of gratitude, lack of motivation, lack of appreciation. Those are next on my list. After that is bad behavior from adults. Combating these frustrations is a daily chore I’m sorely getting tired of but it’s always one step at a time and one moment and breath at a time. Thank goodness for my favorite de-stressing activities.

Reading, writing, cruising the net and those lovely long walks through the great outdoors around here in Elliot Lake. Find your de-stressors yet? Why not share them in the comments section!

*note: sorry for the pessimistic post today, just using another de-stressor to help reduce the stress – cathartic writing!

Fellow Fibromite Blog

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A fellow fibromite has a new blog that she could use some help with. She’s looking for guest bloggers, stories from other fibromites and chronic pain patients. Please take a peek at her blog :

She’s been ordered by the doctors to start looking for alternatives to income due to her illness taking it’s toll and she has two beautiful daughters to think about. Any suggestions, help or stories you have please send them on over to her to help her out. Good luck to you my fellow fibromite, I hope this post helps you out!