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Android 6.0.1

Posted in personal with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on January 11, 2016 by shealm

Sucks. Absolutely sucks. Thank you Google for breaking my phone. My battery sucks, random resets…battery doesn’t know whether it’s coming, going or went.

I had to downgrade to kitkat 4.4.4 on my Nexus 5.

Thanks for that.

To the tutorial makers of downgrading, you assholes don’t know how to make proper tutorials. Be a little more specific for the newbs jackasses.

Here, let me help you:

Step one:

Download the auto installer for Windows for ADB tools (you need this)

Step two:

Download the image file from Android/Google appropriate to your device

Step three:

Download Zip 7 to unzip previous download (because winshit can’t unzip tgz/tar files)

Now from there this is how it goes:

Run the ADB tools installer for windows. You want to say yes to all and restart computer.

Next you are going to work with your Nexus 5 (in this case I’m going to use the N5 as a reference guide).

Note: My N5 was already bootloader unlocked. You HAVE to unlock your bootloader to do the downgrade.

Now, with an N5, go to settings>about phone>tap the crap out of the build version until it says developer options unlocked.

Go to developer options (hit the back button on you N5 to get back to the previous menu screen) and look for USB debugging mode, turn it on.

Here comes the fun stuff, back up your crap or if you don’t care ..don’t back it up.

Power OFF your N5, then with the power button and Vol – (that means the volume down button) pressed and held you will come to a screen that has an android dude in it and options like Restart, Recovery Mode, Power Off.

Use the down button (Vol -) and go to Recovery Mode (you did unlock your bootloader right? If you didn’t, do that first…link up there tells you how). Press the power button on Recovery Mode. You should come to a screen with that little android prick on his back, says “no command”

Here’s the fun bit, it’s a bitch sometimes to get the key combo right. I find if I hit the power button hold then quickly press the Vol + (that’s volume UP) I get the hidden menu on the first shot…or press in this case.

Now (you did unlock that damn bootloader right?) the next steps are:

Scroll down to wipe cache partition, press power button, select yes (don’t panic when it does it’s thing, this has to be done – power button is your OK button- push it, come on I dare ya)

When that finishes, scroll down to Wipe Date/Factory Reset, press the power button to select it. Again don’t panic, this needs to be done. Did you back up your stuff? Or, like me, just don’t care at this point. If you do care, hope you backed it all up (pictures, music..etc) because say bye bye to it.

Once that is all done. Don’t do anything on the phone. Let it sit idle for a few minutes because we gots us some work to do on your computer.

Now, that image you downloaded from Google/Android needs to be unzipped (fucking twice). You are looking for something called flash-all.bat (that sucker is in with the image files you downloaded not the ADB tools (did you remember to install that ADB? Yes – good. No – Do it first).

Now, once you unzip those image files…

**by the way the tgz unzips to a tar zip, unzip the tar – zip 7 manager is the executable you want when windows bitches it can’t work with the tgz/tar – browse, computer, programs (either 32 bit/84 bit) and Zip 7 then Zip 7 Manager**

USB connect your N5 to the computer,

You will now double click that flash-all.bat. Don’t freak, the little bastard does its thing on its own. If you did it right (it takes about 5/10 minutes or less, usually way less) your phone will be downgraded to kitkat 4.4.4.

Congratulations, you just downgraded and now all your apps are going to want to update the fuck out of themselves (do this). Google Play Services may bitch about a 907 error. Fix that by going to Settings>Apps> Google Play Services>Force Stop then clear the cache lower in the screen (not the data the cache). Then retry the update.

You’re Fucking Welcome. If you can’t tell I got really frustrated with stupid half assed instructions and I’m a hell of a lot more pissed at Google for being asshats with their upgrades and making my N5 a paperweight …well an unpredictable paperweight…Fix it ya jackasses.


One Drive aka Sky Drive

Posted in personal with tags , , , , , , , , , on September 2, 2015 by shealm

What a piece of crap cloud service…thanks to microshit…er I mean Microsoft stuffing this crap service aka ghost program down consumer throats people have had problems with corruption of their computers, including operating system files, synced files and even driver files.

If, we the consumer, wanted your stupid self admitted corrupting cloud service (oh yes, microshit admitted to their software corrupting files) we’d download the piece of shit…actually, we wouldn’t, we’d use your competitors service.

You suck Microsoft. You lost your monopoly long ago, stop trying to cling to a dead dream of being number one and owning the software world. You don’t …not anymore.

Windows 10? Free upgrade – no thank you I’m not your goddam Guinea pig or bitch. These laptops are my income you greedy bastards.

Stop shitting your crap so called old renamed new tech down my throat. I don’t want it and plenty others don’t either.

For those of you struggling with this same annoying problem here:

Disable Onedrive

Or from above site (thank you Adam Hollet)