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Being a Bitch

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Time to let me shine through because…


Being a bitch doesn’t mean you have to be cruel or unusually mean. It has nothing to do with being cruel, mean or nasty. Being a bitch means putting yourself first where needed and where appropriate. Being a bitch means learning to say no and not feeling guilty about it.

Being a bitch means putting your foot down and holding to your personal boundaries. Holding firm to the consequences of those boundaries you set for yourself. Being a bitch means not putting up with bad behaviors from others and not being taken advantage of. Being a bitch isn’t being mean, it’s putting yourself first.


Motherly Connections

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Pulling your circle of support around you as a mother and woman is one of the most fundamental tools any woman has and needs.  It’s the center of a womans world to have her circle of female friends. Something I’ve never had until recently. Most of my circle are distanced from me by miles between us but I do have one in particular that lives just right next door.

I’ve mentioned Bull Dog before, we’ve become pretty close. Being able to commiserate with another woman has been not only relieving but cathartic. Every day we walk the three little ones (my two, her one) to daycare and back. It’s been nice having someone hang out in the mornings and we don’t even have to say a word. Coffee and mutual facebooking or chatting about our personal issues and hashing them out. Getting a fresh set of eyes our own situations and personal developments.

She’s been a very huge bright spot for me, a saving grace. We know each other as if we’ve grown up together. We mesh well together with many commons and I consider her blood. I now not only have a younger sister in Belleville but now have a younger sister right here, next to me. We nourish each others feelings, nurture each others lives and bring to the table companionship and sisterly togetherness and love. It’s amazing how one can be so connected to someone so finitely that it feels like sisterhood.

We have the same goals, the same parenting styles and the same thought processes. When she is sad, I am sad. When she is happy, I smile for her and am happy. She’s been an awesome connection and joy to have in my life. I’m pleased to know her, to have the opportunity to be here for her and her here for me. She is truly a kindred spirit.